Welfare Together and SW9 - Supporting Vulnerable Customers

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Welfare Together has partnered with SW9 Community Housing to assist in gathering outstanding arrears from former tenants.

Welfare Together primarily wants to support former SW9 residents by optimising their income and securing appropriate discounts and exemptions for priority debts. If necessary, the online platform will also guide them towards debt advice services.

If you have received a letter from Welfare Together, please do reach out to them. The service is dedicated to listening to your situation attentively. While the responsibility involves the collection of outstanding arrears, Welfare Together prioritises in understanding your circumstances and offering personalised solutions.

Please look at the Welfare Together website for more information on the services it provides www.welfaretogether.co.uk

Please contact us on 020 7326 3700 or email info@sw9.org.uk if you need to speak with a SW9 officer about seeking advice or support.