Your Neighbourhood Officers

The Stockwell Park Estate and surrounding Street Properties are overseen by our Neighbourhood Services team.

Anthony Akerele, our Interim Housing Manager, keeps an eye on general responsibilities and works alongside two Neighbourhood Services Officers who look after specific areas of the Estate and Street Properties.  Our Neighbourhood Services Officers are:

  • Rachida Bangura
  • Michael Curle

To contact the Neighbourhood Services Team:

A breakdown of the areas of responsibility can be found below.


Chantrey Road SW9 9TD/SW9 9TE

Bellefields Road SW9 9UQ

Chute House SW9 0HG/ SW9 0HW

Combermere Road SW9 9RE/ SW9 9QU

Crowhurst House SW9 0UE/ SW9 0UD

Mordaunt Street SW9 9RD/ SW9 9RB

Dalyell Road SW9 9QR/ SW9 9UP

Fitzgerald House SW9 0UQ/ SW9 0UG

Gateley Road SW9 9SZ/ SW9 9TA

Hargwyne Street SW9 9RQ/ SW9 9RG/ SW9 9RH

Nealden Street SW9 9RA

Park Heights (25 Robsart Street) SW9 0FD/ SW9 0FA

Dudley House SW9 0BW

Flats1-190 Stockwell Park Road SW9 0FP

Benedict Road 3,5,7,9 SW9 0FS

Rumsey 3, 4, 5, 6 SW9 0TR

Wynter House, excluding Flats 20 & 23



142 Stockwell Park Road SW9 0DP

143 Stockwell Park Road  SW9 0UX

Barrett House SW9 0UN

Bedwell House SW9 0UH

Burrow House SW9 0UZ

37, 39, 41, 45,47, 49 Robsart Street SW9 0BF

Denchworth House SW9 0BN

Knowle Close SW9 0TQ

Lambert House SW9 0UU

Moat Place SW9 0TA

Cumnor House  SW9 0BE

Norton House SW9 0UJ

Pulross Road SW9 8AF/ SW9 8AD

Sidney Road SW9 0TP/ SW9 0TS/ SW9 0FE

Stockwell Green  SW9 9HZ/ SW9 9HZ

Thornton Street  SW9 0BL

Turberville House SW9 0UP

Tyler House SW9 0UA

Flats 1 to 33, 1 Benedict SW9 0FR

Flats 20 & 23, Wynter House

Our Supported Housing and Extra Care Schemes at 2 Rumsey Road and Helmi House respectively, are overseen by Lana Hunte, Supported Housing Scheme Manager.  To contact Lana:

Our Leasehold properties are overseen by Gabriel Aboyeji, Leasehold Property Manager.  You can contact Gabriel via: