Anti-social behaviour and harassment

We believe everyone has the right to live the way they want to, as long as it does not affect others around them. This means that we expect our residents to be tolerant, accepting and respectful of others.

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is behaviour by a person which causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as the person (Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 & Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011).

You are responsible for making sure that you, the people living in your home, your visitors and your pets do not harass or cause a nuisance to others in or near your home. "Near your home" includes neighbouring estates or properties, footpaths, roads, communal areas, stairs, lifts, landings, entrance halls and gardens.

Examples of nuisance and ASB include:

  • Shouting, screaming, swearing, drunkenness, making indecent or offensive gestures.
  • Using or dealing drugs.
  • Environmental nuisance including litter.
  • Abandoned vehicles and frequently carrying out major repairs to vehicles.
  • Pets/animal nuisance including aggression and barking.
  • Graffiti.
  • Excessive or persistent noise e.g. loud music or TV.

We do not deal with everyday domestic noise such as:

  • talking.
  • babies crying.
  • walking around.
  • doors closing.
  • flushing toilets.
  • appliances.

What is harassment?

Harassment is repeated behaviour that is deliberately intended to upset or harm another person, family or group of people.

Examples of harassment include:

  • Damage to property, for example, graffiti or vandalism.
  • Verbal abuse and threats of violence.
  • Violent acts.
  • Domestic abuse.
  • Hate crime.

What can you do?

We work with our residents and partners including the police and local authorities to deter and resolve nuisance and ASB in neighbourhoods.

If you experience anti-social behaviour, you should:

  • Try to resolve the issue yourself by discussing it with the person causing the problem in a calm and reasonable way.
  • Do not retaliate. It could result in complaints being made against you.
  • Keep diary sheets of all incidents of anti-social behaviour, including dates, times, details of anyone involved and what happened. You can find the Incident Log below. 
  • Report it - find out what happens after you report ASB

If you experience threatening behaviour or damage to your property, please contact your local police on 101, or report it to us. In an emergency call 999.

We have now installed a dedicated phone line if our residents wish to contact our estate patrol service, Parkguard.  This is an answer phone service for non-urgent concerns. 

Upon phoning, you will be asked to leave a message regarding your concern and if you wish to be contacted, you are encouraged to leave your name and phone number.

Parkguard will monitor the phone line regularly, and if appropriate, will address any issues on hand.

The number to call is 0207 737 1164.

Anti-Social Behaviour Handling Satisfaction Survey

As part of SW9’s commitment to improving services, please kindly complete our anonymous online Anti-Social Behaviour Satisfaction Survey providing feedback on how your complaint was handled. You can access the survey here.

SW9 ASB Policy

Download ASB incident log  

Report Anti-social behaviour