Fire Safety Policy

It’s really important residents are safe from fire. Network Homes take their fire safety responsibilities extremely seriously.

The Network Homes Fire Safety Policy helps Network Homes ensure they have adequate and appropriate fire safety measures in place to minimise the risk of injury or loss of life in the event of a fire.

The policy applies to all building types and tenures of Network Homes, including all companies within the organisation. As owners and managers of homes, they have a duty of care to ensure that customers and visitors can use the relevant buildings and facilities safely. This extends to mitigating the risks associated with fire in their properties.

The policy covers:

  • Network Homes' responsibilities for fire safety including the role of the Board
  • Network Homes' commitments on protecting our residents and staff
  • The responsibilities of our residents
  • Network Homes' record keeping and auditing
  • The role of our contractors
  • Network Homes' recommendations on fire risk assessments

Download Network Homes' full Fire Safety Policy here

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