*The number for reporting repairs to SW9 has changed to 020 3007 3170*



Representative consent

SW9 has a procedure for people who want somebody else to speak to us on their behalf. There might be a lot of reasons you would want to do this, for example you might find it hard to speak English, feel nervous about talking to people on the phone or have a disability. If so, you might want a trusted friend or family member to talk to us for you.

If you do, you can let us know by filling in a Consent for Representation form. You can use this to tell us who you want to speak on your behalf, how we can contact them, and what you want them to talk to us about. You will sign it and give us a password that only your representative will know so we can make sure we are talking to the right person when they call.

When you give the person permission to talk to us, they will be able to do so for three years. After that you will need to fill in the form again. This is to make sure everything is up to date and that you still want them to speak to us on your behalf. If you gave permission a long time ago, we might now ask you to complete the new form to make sure everything is up to date.

If you would like somebody else to speak to us for you, please contact us:

  • Telephone: 0207 326 3700
  • Email: info@sw9.org.uk
  • Website: using the Contact us page.

Alternatively please download and complete the Consent for Representation form.