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Celebrating Black History Month with SW9


In the UK, October marks the beginning of Black History Month. This national celebration aims to promote and celebrate the contributions of those with African and Caribbean heritage to British society and to foster an understanding of Black history in general.

Below you will find how we celebrate Black History throughout the years at SW9:

  • Black History Month 2020

    During October 2020, SW9 supported Black History Month.

    Black History Month is an annual observance originating in the United States. It has received official recognition from governments in the United States and Canada, and more recently has been observed in Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. You can find out more about it by visiting the Black History Month website. 

    Black History Month Displays

    As part of SW9’s support for Black History Month, we wanted to focus on those who have brought so much to our modern society and way of life, but that many might not be aware of. We created three displays in our office reception focussing on Black Inventors, Sportspeople and eminent Victorians.

    You can find out more about these incredible men and women by clicking on the buttons below.

    Black History Month - Inventor Slideshow

    Black History Month - Sportspeople Slideshow

    Black History Month - Victorians Slideshow

    Portchester Castle

    SW9 originally intended to run a special coach trip to Portchester Castle but this was not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions.

    Originally built in the late 3rd century, Portchester Castle is the most impressive and best preserved of the ‘Saxon shore’ forts. It has a very specific tale to tell about Black History in Britain as over 2500 black prisoners of war were brought there in 1796 from the Caribbean island of St Lucia, including women and children. You can learn more about their extraordinary story by visiting the Portchester Castle website.

    We hope to still carry out this trip at some point in the future, when it is considered safe to do so. In the meantime you can find out all about the history of Portchester by clicking on the button below.

    Black History Month - Portchester Slideshow

  • Black History Month 2021

    During October 2021, SW9 supported Black History Month with an exhibition in our reception area and an African drumming workshop.

    Annually, October marks Black History Month in the UK. The event was officially recognised by the US government in 1976, and first celebrated in the UK in 1987. People from African and Caribbean backgrounds have been a fundamental part of British history for centuries. However, campaigners believe their value and contribution to society is often overlooked, ignored or distorted. More recently, greater attention has been paid to the importance of the Windrush generation and the Black Lives Matter movement, especially since the death of George Floyd in May 2020.

    Black History Month is intended to recognise the contribution and achievements of those with African or Caribbean heritage. It's also an opportunity for people to learn more about the effects of racism and how to challenge negative stereotypes.


    Music and Films are such a big factor in our world today.  We created an exhibition in our reception area focussing on inspiring musicians and directors who have brought about change from within their industry. To see the display please click on the button below. 

    View the exhibition materials now.

    Drumming workshop

    We also held a free African drumming workshop in our Resource Centre with Shamha Vibrations. This workshop took place between 11am—1pm on Monday 25 October.

    Find out more about the drumming workshop

  • Black History Month 2022

    During the month of October, SW9 will be supporting Black History Month.

    This will include an exhibition in our reception area focussing on medical pioneers as this year's theme is Health and Wellbeing. To see the display, please just pop in to the office.

    As part of our RISE programme, we will also be running a Tribal Art Workshop and Drumming session where you can design your own tribal mask and have it come to life whilst joining in on an exhilarating drumming session!

    • Monday 24 October 
    • 10-12pm
    • SW9 Learning Centre, 153 Stockwell Road, SW9 9FX

    We will also be taking a coach trip to Portchester Castle, join us on our journey in exploring the history of Portchester Castle where you can learn about the prisoners of war and discover the extraordinary story of how prisoners were captured, how they were treated and what happened to them after their release.

    • Tuesday 25 October

    To book a place, please contact us using the details below:

    Black History Month poster

    View the exhibition materials here

  • Black History Month 2023 - People And Power

    Black History Month Exhibition Opening

    This year's SW9 exhibition will highlight the roles of different activists, female leaders and community groups who have fought against discrimination and made a major contribution to the local community.  The exhibition will be displayed in our Reception.

    People And Power

    Our main display marking this year's Black History Month explores the theme of 'People And Power'.

    In celebrating the contributions made by Black people to British society and the local community, the exhibition remembers the people and places within Brixton who and which have fought for racial equality over the past 100 years:

    'People & Power'

    BHM - Female Activists

    Our Black History Month 2023 exhibition also features a number of high-profile female activists, writers and creators, who have made telling contributions to their communities.

    Our Female Activists

    We will also be holding an Art Workshop on Tuesday 24 October, where we invite you to make your own BHM-related Poster or Flag.  The workshop takes place between 10am and 12pm and will be held at the SW9 Learning Centre, 153 Stockwell Road, SW9 9FX