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SW9 Hardship Fund

The SW9 Hardship Fund is a discretionary scheme for SW9 residents.  It can provide a safety net in an emergency or after a disaster, provide assistance to enable independent living in the community, and can assist some families under exceptional pressure.  It is intended to help with one-off needs rather than ongoing expenses. 

Situations that may qualify for an SW9 Hardship Fund:

  • you and your family are under exceptional pressure, for example, due to a relationship breakdown, a house fire or flooding
  • you or a member of your family is returning to the community from formal care, for example, a care home, hospital or prison
  • you're on a resettlement programme following homelessness or domestic violence
  • your benefits are delayed and you need emergency supplies
  • you have one-off travel expenses for certain journeys, for example, visiting someone in hospital.

To make an application to the SW9 Hardship Fund you must fill out the application form below.

If you have any queries, please contact us on:

SW9 Hardship Fund Application Form