Modern Slavery

This includes human trafficking, forced labour and domestic servitude.


• Physical appearance; signs of physical or psychological abuse, malnourishment, or unkempt appearance; withdrawn
• Isolation; the individual rarely allowed to travel on their own; appearance of being under the control, influence of others; lack of interaction with others; unfamiliar with neighbourhood or where they work
• Poor living conditions; the individual may live in dirty, cramped, or overcrowded accommodation; living/working at the same address
• Few or no personal affects; the individual not having identification documents; few personal possessions; wearing the same clothes all the time; clothing they may wear not being suitable for their work
• Restricted freedom of movement; the individual has little or no opportunity to move freely; travel documents retained, e.g., passport
• Unusual travel times; the individual may be dropped off/collected for work on a regular basis, either very early in the day or late at night
• Reluctance to seek help; the individual avoids eye contact, appears frightened or hesitant to talk to strangers; fear of law enforcers; fear of deportation; fear of violence to them or to family; lack of trust