Policies & Procedures

Our latest Policies and Procedures can be found here.  

The documents are reviewed and updated periodically.

Information on our Extra Care Housing scheme, Helmi House, can also be found here.


SW9 Allocations and Lettings Policy

SW9 ASB Policy

SW9 Parking and Garage Rental Policy

SW9 Health & Safety Policy

SW9 Final Responsive Repairs Policy

SW9 Safeguarding Policy

SW9 Whistleblowing Policy

SW9 Complaints Policy

SW9 Pre-and Post-Inspection Policy

SW9 Service Charge Policy

Rent Policy (as hosted by Network Homes)

Welcome To Helmi House


Filming & Photography on the SW9 Estate

To maintain our image and reputation, filming, and photography on or around the SW9 Estate is party to rules and procedures. All requests by film crews, photographers, and other visual journalists & influencers, should be made in writing to the Community Engagement & Communications Manager using the Filming Request Form which you can find below. The request will be formally reviewed for a decision.

Filming Request Form