Downloading key fire safety information for your building

Fire safety for SW9 Community Housing residents is managed by our parent company, SNG (formerly Network Homes).

To make sure it’s easy for you to access the key fire safety information about your building that you need to know, you can download your building's Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) more fire safety information using the Riskhub Resident Hub. All you need is your unique building reference number which you can look up below. 

How do I use the Riskhub Resident Hub?

Using the Riskhub Resident Hub is really simple and there is no registration needed to access your fire safety information.

First, you must look up your postcode on this page to get your unique building reference number. If you are viewing this page on a smartphone or tablet, click here for steps on how to search the text on a webpage. Please note down your unique building reference number, then visit the Riskhub Resident Hub by clicking here, fill in your unique building reference number and click ‘continue’. You will be taken to a screen where you will need to provide your name, flat number and contact details before selecting which document you’d like to download.

Visit the Riskhub Resident Hub

More on fire risk assessments

Look up your unique building reference number

Unique property reference number Door number Address line 1 Address line 2 Address line 2 Postcode
ROBA0011 1-28   11 Robsart Street SW9 0AE
ROBA0017 1-6   15 & 17 & 19 Robsart Street SW9 0AE
OFFICE     6 Stockwell Park Road SW9 0AJ
ROBS0033 1-41 Cumnor House 33 Robsart Street SW9 0BE
ROBS0033-CP   Shared Residential Car Park - Cumnor House - Lidcote House & Helmi House 33-35 & 43 Robsart Street SW9 0BE
ROBS0035 1-44 Lidcote House 35 Robsart Street SW9 0BF
THOR0001 1-6   1 & 3 Thornton Street SW9 0BL
THOR0007 1-9   5 & 7 & 9 Thornton Street SW9 0BL
DENC0000 1-58 Denchworth House   Robsart Street SW9 0BN
ROBS0043 1-46 Helmi House 43 Robsart Street SW9 0BQ
DUDL0000 1-24 Dudley House   Robsart Street SW9 0BW
STOC0142 1-6   142 Stockwell Park Road SW9 0DP
CHUT0000 1-121 Chute House   Stockwell Park Road SW9 0DW
ROBA0025 1-156 Park Heights 25 Robsart Street SW9 0FD
SIDN0020 1-13   20 Sidney Road SW9 0FE
STOW0004 1-41   4 Stockwell Park Walk SW9 0FF
STOW0008 1-31   8 Stockwell Park Walk SW9 0FG
STOC0190 1-18   190 Stockwell Park Road SW9 0FP
BENE0001 1-33 Thrayle House 1 Benedict Road SW9 0FR
BENE0009 1-20   9 Benedict Road SW9 0FS
BENE0009-CP   Shared Residential Car Park - Benedict Road 9 Benedict Road Car Park SW9 0FS
MOAT0000-1 7-14 Moat Court 8 Moat Place SW9 0TA
MOAT0000-2 1-6 Moat Court 8 Moat Place SW9 0TA
RUMS0002 1-40   2 Rumsey Road SW9 0TR
SIDN0022 1-17   22 Sidney Road SW9 0TS
SIDN0022-CP   Shared Residential Car Park 20-22 Sidney Road SW9 0TS
TYLE0000-1 1-8 Tyler House   Aytoun Road SW9 0UA
TYLE0000-2 9-16 & 49-55 Tyler House   Aytoun Road SW9 0UA
TYLE0000-3 17-24 Tyler House   Aytoun Road SW9 0UA
TYLE0000-4 25-32 Tyler House   Aytoun Road SW9 0UA
TYLE0000-5 33-40 & 56-60 Tyler House   Aytoun Road SW9 0UA
TYLE0000-6 41-48 Tyler House   Aytoun Road SW9 0UA
CROW0000 1-113 Crowhurst House   Aytoun Road SW9 0UD
CROW0000-CP   Crowhurst House Car Park   Aytoun Road SW9 0UD
FITZ0000 1-81 Fitzgerald House   Stockwell Park Road SW9 0UG
BEDW0000 1-77A Bedwell House   Stockwell Park Road SW9 0UH
NORT0000 1 - 42 Norton House   Aytoun Road SW9 0UJ
BARE0000 15-96 Barret House   Benedict Road SW9 0UN
TURB0000 1-27 Turberville House   Moat Place SW9 0UP
WYNT0000 1-27 Wynter House   Aytoun Road SW9 0UR
LAMB0000 1-43 Lambert House   Aytoun Road SW9 0UU
STOC0143 1-6   143 Stockwell Park Road SW9 0UX
BURR0000 2-108 Burrow House   Stockwell Park Road SW9 0UY
BRIX0370 1-8   370 Brixton Road SW9 0XT
BRIX0372 1-8   372 Brixton Road SW9 0XT
BRIX00241 1-9 (243) 1-15(241)   241-243 Brixton Road SW9 6LJ
PULR0046 A-B   46 Pulross Road SW9 8AE
BEND001300   The Resource Centre 13 Benedict Road SW9 9FS
STOC0151 1-76   151 Stockwell Road SW9 9FX
STOO015300   The Learning Centre (LC1) 153 Stockwell Road SW9 9FX
DALY0002 A-B   2 Dalyell Road SW9 9QR
DALY0004 A-B   4 Dalyell Road SW9 9QR
DALY0022 1-2   22 Dalyell Road SW9 9QR
DALY0040 A-B   40 Dalyell Road SW9 9QR
NEAL0028 A-B   28 Nealden Street SW9 9RA
NEAL0032 1 & 2   32 Nealden Street SW9 9RA
MORD0044 A-B   4 Mordaunt Street SW9 9RB
MORD0005 A-B   5 Mordaunt Street SW9 9RD
MORD0041 A-B   41 Mordaunt Street SW9 9RD
COMB0029 1-2   29 Combermere Road SW9 9RE
COMB0030 1-2   30 Combermere Road SW9 9RE
COMB0031 A-B   31 Combermere Road SW9 9RE
HARG0018 1-2   18 Hargwyne Street SW9 9RG
HARG0034 1-2   34 Hargwyne Street SW9 9RG
HARG0058 A-B   58 Hargwyne Street SW9 9RG
HARG0101 1-2   101 Hargwyne Street SW9 9RH
HARG0092 1-2   92 Hargwyne Street SW9 9RJ
HARG0035 1-2   35 Hargwyne Street SW9 9RQ
DALY0077 A-B   77 Dalyell Road SW9 9SA
GATE0006 A-C   6 Gateley Road SW9 9SZ
CHAN0009 1-3   9 Chantrey Road SW9 9TD
CHAN0047 1-2   47 Chantrey Road SW9 9TD
BELL0023 A-B   23 Bellefields Road SW9 9UH
BELL0029 A-B   29 Bellefields Road SW9 9UH
BELL0035 A-B   35 Bellefields Road SW9 9UH
DALY0070 A-B   70 Dalyell Road SW9 9UP
DALY0074 A-B   74 Dalyell Road SW9 9UP
DALY0098 A-B   98 Dalyell Road SW9 9UP
DALY0112 A-B   112 Dalyell Road SW9 9UP
DALY0120 A-B   120 Dalyell Road SW9 9UP
DALY0124 A-B   124 Dalyell Road SW9 9UP
DALYE100140 1-2   140 Dalyell Road SW9 9UP
BELL0014 A-B   14 Bellefields Road SW9 9UQ
BELL0016 A-B   16 Bellefields Road SW9 9UQ
BELL0022 A-B   22 Bellefields Road SW9 9UQ
BELL0024 A-B   24 Bellefields Road SW9 9UQ
BELL0038 A-B   38 Bellefields Road SW9 9UQ
BELL0040 A-B   40 Bellefields Road SW9 9UQ
BELL0042 A-B   42 Bellefields Road SW9 9UQ
DALY0089 1-2   89 Dalyell Road SW9 9UR