How to pay your rent

At the start of your tenancy, you will be given a number of options on how to pay your rent and service charge.  Please see below the options available.

How to pay your rent

We have made some changes to the ways you can pay your rent and service charge with us.  

There will be some small changes you will need to make, depending on how you make payments to us, to ensure payments continue to reach us. You will not be affected, and you will not need to do anything if you make payments to us by standing order or Direct Debit.

We have switched to PayPoint as our payment provider. PayPoint has replaced allpay. PayPoint can offer more payment options than allpay, as well as existing payment methods. You can still be able to pay through:

• Online via the SW9 Community Housing website
• A SW9 Community Housing payment app provided by PayPoint
• Telephone
• Direct Debit
• Standing order
• Cash over the counter at shops that accept PayPoint payments using your new SW9 PayPoint payment card.

You should no longer use the allpay website link to make payments to us. You will need to use the new PayPoint website link,  You will be able to create an account where you can set up recurring payments, make a payment and see your payment history.

The SW9 Community Housing Payment app is available to download from your Apple App store or Google Play store.

PayPoint has a direct telephone number and payment web portal which you can use from 3 July. The PayPoint direct telephone number is 020 3650 4095. And as before, the PayPoint web portal address is

Please see our letter to you, Get ready to start using our new range of payment options, which contains more detailed information.

Get Ready To Start Using Our New Range Of Payment Options

If you previously paid your rent and / or service charge at the Post Office, this service is no longer available. You will still be able to pay in cash at shops that accept PayPoint payments using the new SW9 payment card that we have sent to you.

Please also note that you will no longer be able to make payments by text message; however, we will be introducing an alternative option for you which is PayByLink payment. If you choose to make a payment by PayByLink, you will receive a payment link via text message which you can use to make a payment to us.

New Payment Provider


Ways to pay

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

  • Direct Debit

    Direct Debit is the easiest way to pay and our preferred method.

    It’s a simple and safe way to pay your bills automatically from your bank account. All you have to do is agree with us the amount you will pay and the frequency.

    After that, your rent will be deducted from your account on the agreed dates and you will be eligible to enter our monthly prize draw. This is for those that have been paying by this method for 3 months or more. For more information please see the newsletter, TV screens in the office and posters in noticeboards. 

    We can set this up your Direct Debit over the phone. Phone us on 0207 326 3700 and select the 'rent and service charge' option for more information.


  • Pay online

    You can pay online by using the SW9 Paypoint web portal.  Simply log on and follow the instructions.

    You can also use the SW9 Community Housing payment app.

    You can see the video below on how to make payments online.

  • Phone payment

    To make a phone payment, you will need a debit or credit card and your address. You can use Switch, Connect, Visa or MasterCard to make payments over the phone. You can’t use Electron or American Express. There are two ways of making a rent payment over the phone.

    • Call SW9 PayPoint dedicated number on 020 3650 4095.
    • Call our Income team on 0207 326 3700.

    In both instances, you will receive a payment authorisation code. Please keep this safe. Receipts will not be posted although they can be sent to you via email.

  • Post Office and PayPoint

    You can no longer use the Post Office to make payments.

    Where you see the PayPoint sign at any retail outlet, you will be able to make payments there.

    Please get a receipt as proof of payment and keep it in a safe place.

  • Standing order

    If you have a bank account, you can pay your rent by standing order using our standing order form.

    Simply visit your bank with a completed Standing Order Form. Please remember your standing order amount will remain the same, unless you amend it when your rent goes up in April of each year. You may wish to consider switching to paying by Direct Debit for this reason.

    Download form

  • Cheque

    We no longer accept cheque payments for your rent and service charges.


  • In person at our office

    You can pay by debit card at our office. We do not accept cash or cheque payments in the office.