Our contractors: what you can expect

We use a range of contractors to help us look after your home. All of our contractors agree to a code of conduct.

The Contractors’ Code of Conduct

Our contractors will:

  • carry identification and present it on request
  • be tidily dressed
  • be polite at all times
  • treat you and your home with courtesy and respect
  • not smoke, make excessive noise (e.g. radios or music) or use bad language
  • not use your telephone without your permission
  • be friendly, considerate and helpful
  • try to fit in with your daily routines (where possible)
  • behave in a proper and professional manner at all times
  • inform the contracts manager immediately if you express any dissatisfaction or concern about the work
  • keep all tools and machinery within their localised working area to avoid danger from unattended items
  • not borrow your tools or equipment
  • tell you what work has been carried out and/or still needs to be done
  • make sure that the property is left clean and tidy at the end of each day
  • use dustsheets in all affected areas and access routes and vacuum up any work-related dirt or rubbish
  • clean dustsheets regularly
  • move any items of furniture, floor coverings, etc. to complete works and replace them afterwards.

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