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Onyx, Angel and Ebony. Not a great start to life.

The April Kittens


How we were saddened by what happened with Onyx, Angel & Ebony.

On Wednesday April 17, our Estate Services manager Michelle Levy and Estate Cleaner Patrick Boakye, came across the upsetting scene of three very young kittens having been dumped in Chute House Bins. Our colleagues brought the three mites – who we named Onyz, Angel and Ebony –into the Housing Office for some immediate emergency care. Colleagues attempted to keep the kittens alive by wrapping them in blankets, gently stroking them and even finding equipment small enough to feed them. Local cat protection and veterinary services were contacted for additional advice and support.

We have subsequently heard that sadly, two of the kittens were too weak to survive, despite all efforts. The third is still fighting its little heart out and we hope to hear even more brighter news very soon.

It wasn’t just extremely upsetting but also unacceptable that Onyx, Angel, and Ebony were treated in such a cruel manner. Their mother must have been very distressed too.

If you have small pets but are unable to cope or come across an animal in distress, please let us know by coming into reception or calling us on 020 7326 3700. Please don’t dump them!

Alternatively, there are several charities and organisations that can offer advice and guidance in how to look after your pet or can rescue pets where necessary. These include the RSPCA, the Cats Protection League, the Blue Cross Animal Rescue, CatCuddles London, and many more.  Some services can offer to neuter yourpets for free, which is a very beneficial procedure for both them and to you and your home.

We hope that what happened to Onyx, Angel and Ebony is a truly rare occurrence.