Data Protection - Your personal data rights

Under data protection laws, you are entitled to a number of personal data rights. On this page you can:  

  • Ask us to transfer your data to a company of your choice
  • Ask us to delete your data  
  • Ask us to correct your data  
  • Ask us to limit the way we use your data  

For more information on how SW9 Community Housing can enable your rights read our guide here, or alternatively visit the ICO website.  To make a request for personal data, please click here.

We will fulfil your request within one calendar month of the day you submit your request. This period may be extended by two further months where necessary, taking into account the complexity and number of the requests, where a request is  manifestly unfounded or excessive we could either reject this request or request for more information. In this case, we will notify you without undue delay and no longer than one month from date of request.

Please note that before we are able to process any requests, we must be sure of your identity. We will make every effort to achieve this using the information we hold on you, but there will be some occasions where we may need more information to confirm your identity. Where this situation arises, you will be notified by the Privacy team that additional checks need to be completed and this may need submission of identity documents. 


Make a request  

There is no formal requirement of how these requests should be made. To help us process your request more effectively, you can complete our optional form below. 

When making a request, either verbally or in writing, please provide as much information as possible including timeframes, types of data and nature of the data, otherwise we may not be able to promptly action your request.  

For queries please email


Data subject- the person whom the personal data relates to.  

Representative- someone making a request on behalf of the data subject. We will only be able to provide data to a representative who has the authority through formal written consent, which must be attached below, or through legal routes such as power of attorney covering the information requested. 

This form is to allow us to process your request more effectively. Once submitted this form will go to our privacy mailbox for processing. This form will be kept on the data subject's housing files for a period of six years post the data subject's contractual relationship with us.

Personal Data Rights Request form
Data subject details
Type the data subject name here
Type the data subject phone number here
Type the data subject surname here
Type the data subject email address here
Please provide as many details here so we can process your request as quickly as possible. (e.g. where is the data likely to be held, what specific record you are looking for and what your desired outcome is).


I certify that the information provided on this form is correct and that I am the data subject whose name appears on this form; or I have a valid authority to make this request. I understand that Network may need to confirm proof of my identity or contact me again for further information to locate the personal data my request is related to. I also understand that my request will not be valid until Network obtains all of the information required to process my request.

Please tick to confirm