Requesting Personal Data

Network Homes / SW9 Community Housing will provide personal data directly to a data subject or to a third party with authority.  This authority can come directly from the data subject (resident/employee/contractor) or from a public authority as part of their lawful duty.

  • Subject Access Request

    Under data protection legislation you have the right to 'Access', this this is commonly known as a Subject Access Request (SAR) and it means you are entitled to know what data we are processing about you, how long we keep it for and whom we share it with. You are also entitled to see or/and obtain a copy of that data subject to exceptions. 

    We, Network Homes, have one calendar month to fulfil your request. This period may be extended by two further months where necessary, taking into account the complexity and number of the requests. We will  inform you of any such extension within one month of receipt of the request, together with the reasons for the delay.

    There are no fees or charges for the first request. However we may ask for an administration fee of £25 per request if you are requesting additional copies of the same data. 

    When making a request for personal data please provide as much information as you can to help us locate the data you are seeking. 

    If your representative is making a subject access request  on your behalf, we would need you to attach written and signed authority on the this form below where prompted. This could be a letter from you or a form you have to be given to complete  by a third party organisation acting on your behalf.  




  • Requests from public authorities

    Where there is a legal requirement we will have to share your personal data with a public authority like the police to support any investigations they may be pursuing. We may also have to share your personal data with other public authorities like social services, HMRC, Courts, housing benefit and local authorities etc where there is a lawful basis to do so. 

    Public Authority body - Please complete the Request for Personal Data (Public Body) Form on this page. Once we have received this it will go to the relevant team who will verify this request and carry out the necessary identity checks, follow our internal approval process and then once successfully passed, you will be provided your requested data. 

DISCLAIMER: Please be mindful that unless we are told differently by you, we will provide your SAR results by electronic means. By submitting this form you are aware that we will use a third party file sharing platform called ShareFile as part of our legitimate interest to securely provide the personal data you have requested. You can object to us using this platform if you can provide a secure alternative electronic method.

This form below is to enable us to process your request more effectively. Once submitted this form will go to our customer services inbox to be allocated to the relevant team. This form will kept on the data subject's housing files for a period of six years post the data subject's contractual relationship with us.

Personal Data Rights Request form
Data subject details
Type the data subject name here
Type the data subject phone number here
Type the data subject surname here
Type the data subject email address here

Data required

It will help speed up the process if you tell us the period for which the information you would like is required and if you held any other tenancies with us during this period.

Please provide as many details here so we can process your request as quickly as possible. (e.g. where is the data likely to be held, what specific record you are looking for and what format you would like the data in etc)


I certify that the information provided on this form is correct and that I am the data subject whose name appears on this form; or I have a valid authority to make this request. I understand that Network may need to confirm proof of my identity or contact me again for further information to locate the personal data my request is related to. I also understand that my request will not be valid until Network obtains all of the information required to process my request.

Please tick to confirm