Issues surrounding Universal Credit & rent payments

My rent payments: what I need to do if I receive Universal Credit

The Department of Works & Pensions (DWP) only pays up to 52 weeks of rent per year.  The DWP works out the weekly rent for persons on Universal Credit by taking the total yearly amount and dividing it by 52 weeks.  For example, £10,400 per year divided by 52 weeks equals £200 per week rent amount.

The DWP has now confirmed that it will not pay for the 53rd week.

Therefore, persons on Universal Credit would have to pay the additional week themselves.

SW9 recommends that, to lessen this impact, that you pay a little amount each week over the course of the year.  For example, if you pay £200 a week for rent, divide this by 53 weeks and pay only £3.78 per week for 53 weeks.

For further details on Universal Credit, please visit the GOV UK website.

If you need further advice on, or are struggling with your rent payments, please contact the Income team on or call 020 7326 3700.