New landmark development marks latest transformation of Stockwell Park

New homes with landscaped communal spaces as well as a community room and resource centre facilities for the benefit of local residents marks the latest transformation on Stockwell Park Estate.

The development which has been completed by SW9's parent organisation Network Homes see 177 new homes in total. Of these 41 are for affordable rent and 40 rented apartments for Active Elderly residents being moved from Wynter House, an old sheltered block on the estate. Of the remaining homes, twenty are for shared ownership and 76 apartments for private sale.

At up to 20 stories high, the £70million development provides a new landmark for Stockwell Park and includes three large commercial units. It has been built on the site of Thrayle House, an unmodernised former council owned block built in the 1970s. The old deck access building was in a poor state of repair with empty shops and a dark disused undercroft car park.

The scheme, which received over £4.2 million of funding from the Greater London Authority (GLA), marks the final stages of the wider £200 million regeneration of the Stockwell Park. This investment has gone towards building new homes, refurbishing and improving existing homes and upgrading community spaces on the estate.

Active Elderly resident, Washington Hylton, moved over to the new development from Wynter House. He said: “I’m so grateful as my new home is a 100% improvement on my old place which didn’t suit my needs. My flat has more space and the presentation of the accommodation is nice and clean with better facilities.”

Returning social tenant Tony Montevideo said: “The new Thrayle House development has really enhanced the area aesthetically, it's a beautiful development. The rooms are spacious which is fantastic and pleasantly surprising because new homes are usually built smaller. My current home is much bigger than it used to be. I also appreciate the architecture e.g. the refuse area is out of sight and in the basement so it's not an eyesore and is more hygienic too.”

The new development on Stockwell Road, Thrayle House, was transferred into the management of SW9 in July. Those residents that have lived on Stockwell Park for many years know that the estate has had its difficult and challenging times, and on occasion people did not want to live here. It is now a place of choice. The regeneration of the estate is an example of how to merge the new with the old whilst retaining the heart of the community. We are proud to be welcoming new people to the area as well as supplying wonderful new homes to our existing residents.

Delroy Rankin, Executive Director at SW9 Community Housing

David Gooch, Network Homes Executive Director for Development, commented: “I am very proud of our new development at Thrayle House which provides much needed high-quality modern homes. The positive feedback from the residents who have transferred from Wynter House, and some of the original tenants of the original Thrayle House who have moved back, has been great to hear and I wish them all well in their new homes.”

Thrayle House 1
Thrayle House 2
Thrayle House 3
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