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New SW9 telephone system

On Monday 1 February, SW9 introduced a new telephone system.

This means that, when you call SW9, some of the options have changed from what you may have been used to.

The new options when you call 0207 325 3700 are now:

Option 1: Maintenance

  • 1 Repairs
  • 2. Gas
  • 3. Estates Services

Option 2: Income

Option 3: Neighbourhood

  • 1. Tenancy
  • 2. Parking
  • 3. Communication & Engagement

Option 4: Leasehold

Option 5: Any other business

  • 1. Finance
  • 2. HR
  • 3. Business Support

If you experience any issues when trying to contact SW9 by telephone, please let us know by using our website ‘Contact us’ form.