COVID-19 New Variant in Lambeth - everyone aged over 11 who lives or works in the Borough should take a COVID-19 PCR test as soon as possible. For further guidance, please visit


Beware scams

Across the country there has been an increase in suspicious volunteers (including people wearing uniforms) targeting elderly and vulnerable people.

Please be careful and always ask for ID.

If you are unsure about someone, DO NOT:

  • Let them into your home.
  • Give them money.

 If in doubt, contact the police.


The SW9 team is here to help those who need support. We can help with:

  • Picking up shopping.
  • Picking up urgent supplies.
  • Picking up medication.
  • Giving you a friendly phone call.

 Please call:

  • Lana on 07950 270 776
  • Novelette on 07958 408 471
  • Elsa on 07825 113 945
  • Davison on 07949 686 629