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Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) during lockdown

During lockdown SW9 has seen a rise in the number of ASB (Anti-Social Behaviour) cases being reported to us.


SW9 would like to remind all residents that it is important to keep all forms of noise to a minimum during the lockdown period.

This is a difficult time for all residents and we must be respectful of our neighbours and the wider community. Many of our residents are classed as key workers and it is important that we all play our part in helping to support them by making sure their homes and neighbourhoods are peaceful environments. Please respect your neighbours' right to enjoy their home without hearing all that is going on in yours.  

If you are approached by a neighbour/SW9 staff member and asked to keep your noise down, please react positively.  

Social distancing

We are also reminding residents of the importance of following the Government’s advice to Stay Home, Stay Safe and Save Lives.

It is important that we all continue to follow the rules around social distancing when making necessary trips outside, especially in keeping 2 metres away from those who are not in your household. This includes when outdoors, within the communal areas of buildings and especially when using lifts. 

Residents are also reminded that areas such as playgrounds are currently closed for the safety of the wider community.

Fly tipping

All residents are reminded of the importance of using bins correctly. Please note that fly tipping (dumping rubbish in areas that are not bins) is an offence. SW9 monitor the Stockwell Park Estate using CCTV and if we can trace fly tipping to an individual or household then a fine will be issued.

Help is available

If you’ve been experiencing noise nuisance, or any other form of Anti-Social Behaviour, SW9 is here to help. You can find out more about ASB and report it to us through our ASB page.

The Lambeth Noise Nuisance Team can also help. You can report noise issues to them on the Lambeth Council website.

We also have also released a set of Frequently Asked Questions about ASB.