***PHONE LINES: We are aware that some residents are experiencing issues with our telephone system. If you experience difficulty, please contact us at info@sw9.org (for general enquiries), repairs@sw9.org.uk (to report a repair) or via the ‘Contact us’ page at www.sw9.org.uk***


***25 ROBSART STREET: The door entry system is now in working order following the BT visit earlier this week. The Concierge landline has also been repaired and can be reached on 0207 373 954. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.***







New video: how to change your light bulb

We have a created a new self-help video for you to learn how to change different types of light bulbs in your home. 

Check out the new video below or find it in our repairs section


Remember, if you are a tenant, changing light bulbs is your responsibility. You may be charged if you raise a repair for a light bulb replacement.