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SW9 Festival success!

The SW9 Festival 2017 is over and what a success it has been! 262 residents took part in our activities throughout the fortnight. 

The first week of the Festival saw residents take a first aid course, enjoy a pottery class, cook at a training kitchen, go on a coach trip to Brighton and come together for our BBQ at the pond.

In the second week of the Festival, residents took a trip to London Zoo, expressed their creativity at our art club, went horse riding at Vauxhall City Farm and came along to our employment workshop. 

We have received extremely positive feedback from residents about the Festival. 56 activity feedback forms were completed; residents were asked to rate the activities as 'good' 'average' or 'poor'. 100% of residents who responded rated the activities as 'good'! 

We also had some great comments from residents about what they enjoyed about our activities:

Being able to travel with my family cost free

Paris Palma


Getting to spend the day out with my family and neighbours that I met this week

Emma Jean-Baptiste


Getting out of London, enjoying the seaside and different surroundings

Maria Monteiro


We had the opportunity to spend quality time with our family thanks to SW9

Adriana Davila


Have a look at some of our photos from the second week of the Festival below: 


Art 1
Art 2
Art 3
Horse Riding 6
Horse Riding 7
Horse Riding 5
Horse Riding  4
Horse Riding 8
Horse Riding  12
Horse Riding 11
Horse Riding 13
London Zoo 1
London Zoo 2
London Zoo 3
London Zoo 4
London Zoo  5
London Zoo 7
London Zoo 8
London Zoo 9
London Zoo  10


If you have any ideas for trips or activities you would like us to organise in the future, make sure you let us know! Fill in our contact us form or email