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Parking changes

Residents have voiced their concerns about the lack of parking on Stockwell Park Estate. We understand this is an issue, that’s why we’re reviewing our parking strategy. We have already made some changes to visitors’ parking (as you will read below), but soon we’ll be making changes to residents’ parking as well.

Visitors’ parking

Due to the huge demand for Visitor Parking Permits and the very limited parking space we have available, from 1 September 2017 we’re increasing the price of our Visitor Parking Permit to £4 per day.

We hope this increase will encourage our residents to take advantage of the large amount of garage space available, instead of using Visitor Parking Permits and searching for a space to park their cars on the roads.

As we all know, Stockwell Park Estate is conveniently located for transport links and shops. As the estate has very limited parking space, we want to make sure the parking facilities are used only by SW9 residents and their visitors. This is why you will be asked to provide your full name and address for verification, before you are sold a Visitor Parking Permit.

You can buy a maximum of six Visitor Parking Permits (scratch cards) each week. This may be subject to change in the future.

Residents’ parking

We currently have more residents with Street Annual Parking Permits, than we have spaces available. While the estate is under regeneration, street parking is even more limited. This means measures must be taken to ease the pressure off the roads. We’re looking into how we can resolve this problem. We’ll update residents in advance of any changes made to residents’ parking.

If you have any suggestions regarding how we can improve parking, please get in touch by emailing, filling in our ‘contact us’ form or writing to us at: SW9 Community Housing, FAO: Parking Strategy Team, 6 Stockwell Park Walk, London SW9 0FG.