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Keeping our neighbourhood safe

Our Neighbouhood Team work hard to ensure Stockwell Park Estate is a safe place.

Our recent resident survey reflected this, as 92% of respondents said their neighbourhood was a safe place to live. 

Tackling anti-social behaviour is a key way that our Neighbourhood Team ensure the safety of our estate. Recently, they took court action against a tenant’s brother who was involved in a domestic dispute when visiting the block. He physically assaulted a woman and a female contractor working for SW9. The team took quick and decisive action to stop this behaviour occurring on the estate again and set about building a strong case to stop him from reentering the estate.

After a full investigation of the incident, including reviewing CCTV footage and taking statements from all witnesses, a date was set for 28 April to hear the case. The judge was in favour of our case and granted SW9 an Injunction with a Power of Arrest against the offender. This means that he is banned permanently from entering the block where he caused these problems. He has also been banned from the rest of Stockwell Park Estate for one year.

SW9 takes reports of ASB and conduct towards our residents, staff and contractors very seriously!