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Stepping into the Future

Your choice on the future of your community

At SW9, homes and the people who live in them are important to us. They’re the reason we do what we do.

There’s a strong sense of community and a tradition of resident involvement in the way that the homes and other facilities on Stockwell Park and neighbouring street properties are managed. We think it’s that tradition and heritage that makes the area so special.

Over the next few months we will explore the possibility of becoming a stand-alone community housing association, which would operate independently of Network Homes and be regulated by the Regulator for Social Housing.

At this stage no decision has been taken. We are at the beginning of a long process in which you – our residents, both tenants and leaseholders - will have the final say, by way of a ballot.

This webpage - and accompanying leaflet - has been created to let you know all about the path we are on, how we got here and what it means for you.

Download the 'Stepping into the Future' leaflet

Please note that SW9 is at the preliminary stages of this project.  In the event that your Board decides to pursue independence, all residents will be fully consulted. Part of that consultation will be a formal offer document to residents.

The history

The extraordinary tradition of community involvement in the way homes and other facilities on Stockwell Park and neighbouring street properties are managed dates back to 1995, when a group of residents lobbied the Council to agree to the creation of a tenant management organisation (TMO).

A lot has happened since then. Soon we will publish more about the incredible history of your community, and how the independence choice may be the next step in a story dating back 25 years.

The Options Review Agreement

The SW9 Board know that resident leadership and involvement is important to the Stockwell Park community.

When SW9 was formed, the Board of our predecessor organisation (Community Trust Housing) ensured that something called an ‘Options Review Agreement’ was included within SW9’s legal paperwork with Network Homes.

This Options Review Agreement is legally binding and grants SW9 the ability to trigger a Review after five years of operation. Jointly commissioned by SW9 and Network Homes, this will establish whether SW9 could be a viable, stand-alone, registered housing provider. One that is independent of Network Homes.

For this to take place, both SW9 and Network Homes must jointly commission a review. This review has started and will be completed in the Autumn of 2021

The steps we need to take

SW9 is now taking the first steps on a journey that we hope will give you (both tenants and leaseholders) the choice in whether we should become your independent, community-based housing provider.

The process is quite complex and a full breakdown will be provided soon. If it is found that:

  • SW9 can be a viable independent housing provider
  • SW9 can raise the funds necessary to purchase Stockwell Park and street properties on reasonable commercial terms from Network Homes
  • SW9’s application for registration by the Regulator for Social Housing is successful
  • SW9 can reach agreement with Network Homes to become independent

Then there is one important thing to know - the ultimate decision will be yours, as you will be asked to vote on the matter.

What will happen if this is not achieved?

If the SW9 Board decide independence is not a viable option, or if residents decide against independence, then the existing legally binding agreement between Network Homes and SW9 will remain.

This means that Network Homes will continue to be your landlord with SW9 as your local management organisation.

If you have any queries about stepping into the future, please get in touch using our 'Contact us' page.